The World’s First Advanced 4-in-1 Smart Fan launches on Kickstarter

After its successful Kickstarter launch in 2017, Quilo is unveiling its second innovative home climate system on 5th September. Building on its proven premise for its flagship product to create versatile and energy-efficient air comfort units with stellar good looks, the Quilo 2.0 goes that extra step. Power-packed with triple air filtration, evaporative cooling and gentle humidifying, the Quilo 2.0 traps dust and airborne allergens, adds moisture to irritating dryness and pumps out fresh coolness on those hotter days. Controlled through a push of a button or a voice command to Alexa, the Quilo 2.0 is a versatile, air perfection system for your home.

All year long we face the same shuffle — put away the fan and grab the humidifier, put away the humidifier and grab the air purifier, and on it goes. Nothing is more annoying than not enjoying the very air around us, and buying 4 pieces of technology to manage our comfort is pretty hard to justify. The Quilo 2.0 works all year round and saves the expense and hassle of having multiple air management systems.


Lightweight with contemporary style, the Quilo 2.0 is one versatile unit for easy air perfection. “Seasons change, environments evolve, the neighboring traffic outside your window fluctuates, too,” explained Naresh Kumra, CEO of Quilo. “That’s why we developed one air comfort unit that adapts with your needs. Air isn’t static-neither is the Quilo 4-in-1 Smart Tower Fan.”

Who is Quilo? 
Launched in 2017, Quilo blends the worlds of start-up and big business. They are a team of engineers, product designers, entrepreneurs and dreamers, based in Hong Kong and the USA, on a mission to perfect the air we breathe. The Quilo 1.0 was nominated as finalist for the International Housewares Association Global Innovation Award. The 2.0 is its smart upgrade, equipped with additional air purification. Dedicated to stellar customer service, the company has a proven track record of delivering quickly. Learn more and contribute at


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