Honeywell CO30XE Indoor/Outdoor Portable Evaporative Air Cooler Review


Product Type
Evaporative Air Coolers
Dimensions (in)
288 W
3 Speeds
Cools Area
320 sq. ft
Air Flow
525 CFM

Honeywell CO30XE Indoor/Outdoor Portable Evaporative Air Cooler Review


Product Review

Honeywell CO30XE 63 Pt., Indoor/Outdoor Portable Evaporative Air Cooler with Remote Control, Grey

For Indoor and Outdoor Use

This model fared excellently in the reviews that we found. It exceeded the expectations of most and was a lifesaver for many who didn’t have another solution for cooling a small room or an outdoor patio. The main complaint was the noise, but it didn’t appear to tarnish their overall opinions, since the superior cooling capabilities of this model outweighed everything else.

Below is a summary of reviews that we compiled:

Cons Pros
Wheels sometimes get stuck Works on the hottest days (even outside)
Noisy Ideal for apartments since it doesn’t require installation and can be easily moved from room to room. It  works well for spot cooling.
The water container is a bit flimsy The fan blower has great power
Small compartment for ice Capable of cooling a room that is 300-580 sq.ft.
Slender design and lightweight
Large water tank capacity
Removable water tank for easy maintenance and cleaning
Cools off a bedroom nicely

General Tips From Users

Place ice in the water tray for maximum cooling.
Don’t expect it to replace an air conditioner but it will exceed your expectations if you use it correctly, i.e., sit close to it.
Keep a window open to create cross ventilation
Cooling is most effective in dryer climates
Avoid rolling the unit on uneven and grass surfaces to avoid wheels getting locked.


Operational Features

LED Control Panel:

The control panel allows you to view and adjust the timer, the speed of the fan, and the option to set the fan to swing or to keep it in a static position. You can also see and hear the low water level alert, So you always know when it is time for a refill.



The remote control allows for easy access to the control panel settings when you are not at arms length away from the unit.

Fan Power and Power Consumption:

Customers were impressed with the strength of the fan blower, which is one of the key features in the cooling effect.

Another great advantage is that power consumption is very low for such a powerful cooler, averaging only about 288 Watts of power, which is less than the power consumption of two light bulbs.


Size and Weight

Many reviewers have emphasized their delight with the small size, and lack of bulk. The slender and lightweight characteristics of this unit are popular selling features since many people use this unit in a bedroom, small room or on a patio, so it fits nicely into the smallest corners. It can also be moved from room to room effortlessly, making it also convenient to store on off-seasons. This particular unit has one of the most stylish, modern and slender designs of all the air coolers on the market, which only adds to its appeal.

Front-end loading ice tray and removable water container:

Although a couple of reviewers found the ice-tray to be a bit small, they also found it convenient and easy to access. The removable water container is a popular feature, not only because it is easy to clean and refill, but also its size and capacity to hold approximately 30 Liters or 7.9 gallons of water.

Indoor/Outdoor Options

The weather proofing on this model allows for outdoor use, and the size of the unit is ideal for patios as well. The ability to cool those sitting in close proximity to the unit outside, even during days that reach 100 degrees, was a pleasant surprise for some. There isn’t any other cooling option for the outdoors, so it sounds like people took a chance on this model and were very pleased to find relief outside on hot days, especially in dry climates.

Some consumers just needed one room to be cooled like, a bedroom, a small apartment, a work studio or a patio, but couldn’t find a good solution to get relief from the heat, since neither a fan, nor an air conditioner was practical for them. Fans don’t actually cool a room and portable air conditioners or window air conditioners cannot be used outside, and they also take up a window that is required for installation. The unique features of this indoor/outdoor air cooler saved them from the heat and offered them a much-needed reliable, yet simple solution.


In summing up the reviews that we came across, this model is highly recommended since customers were kept cool and comfortable while using this unit, even on extremely hot days. As the reviewers emphasized: don’t expect it to be an air conditioner, but they were very pleased with its ability to cool one room.


  • Low Power Consumption
  • Honeycomb Cooling Media
  • Activated Carbon Dust Filter
  • Weather-Resistant for Outdoor Use
  • Low Water Alarm
  • Easily Detachable Water Tank
  • Full Function Remote Control