About Portable Air Conditioners

A portable air conditioner is a self-contained portable system used for cooling single rooms. Typically sitting on the floor, portable conditioners are easy to install and more cost-effective than their large window unit counterparts. The hassle-free installation process doesn’t require any screws, plastering or other fixing materials, it only requires an exhaust vent in each room so that the condensed air can be passed out.

Smaller in size and targeted in their application, portable air conditioners have lower price points and result in lower overall energy costs. Rather than cooling your entire house, air conditioning can be focused in one or two rooms, significantly lowering your central unit usage. With the help of casters or wheels, the portable air conditioner can be transported around the house when needed, to be used in your home office during the day and moved to your bedroom before you sleep.

Portable air conditioners vary in cooling capacity, weight, size and quality. With our in-depth comparison of different brands and detailed analysis of various consumer reviews, we are well-placed to help you choose the most suitable portable air conditioner to suit your specific needs.