Honeywell Air Coolers are Now Available in Indonesia!

Honeywell air coolers are now available in Indonesia, online and in retail stores across the country. The Honeywell-branded coolers are distributed by PT. JMATEK Indonesia, a subsidiary of JMATEK.Ltd.

JMATEK.Ltd is an authorized global licensee of the Honeywell brand for air coolers, dehumidifiers, and portable air conditioners.  Based in Hong Kong, JMATEK manufactures and distributes Honeywell products to over 50 countries worldwide, including the United States. Their Honeywell-branded products have consistently scored on Amazon USA’s bestseller list.

The Honeywell CL201AE Air Cooler listed as best seller in

What is an Air Cooler?

Air coolers, also known as evaporative air coolers, are fans that create cold air through the process of evaporation. Highly economical, they use a reservoir of water and fan power to blow out a fresh, cool breeze. Unlike fans which simply circulate air, evaporative air coolers can lower ambient air temperatures, cooling down indoor and outdoor spaces.

Honeywell air cooler ES800

Air Coolers and the Indonesian Market

Several strong factors indicate a desirable market for air coolers in Indonesia: 

Energy efficiency. Using a fraction of the power of air conditioners, yet cooler than a traditional fan, air coolers offer significant savings on electric bills. Valuing an economic budget, Indonesians could benefit from this cooling alternative

Cheaper Retail Price. Continuing with the theme of budgetary savings, launching air coolers on the cooling market will give Indonesian consumers a cheaper choice when compared with air conditioners

High mobility. The most frequently asked question during market research in Indonesia was whether the machine has wheels and can be placed anywhere in the home. Air coolers are typically lightweight and do not need to be vented out of a window or tethered to a specific location.

Environmentally Friendly. Air coolers use evaporative cooling rather than chemical refrigerants or energy-consumption compressors, to effect cooling.

Positioning Air Coolers in Indonesia

Through market analysis, JMATEK Indonesia is positioning air coolers as a product category laying between fans and air conditioners, with overlap on both markets. With this strategy, both demographics can evaluate air coolers as a viable cooling alternative.

Honeywell air coolers product line that might be available in Indonesia

“If consumers already own a fan, they can upgrade their fan to an air cooler. Therefore, they can feel more cooling in their room, instead of merely circulating existing hot air in the room over and over again,” said Andika, Director of JMATEK Indonesia. Observing the complement between air coolers and air conditioners, he added that consumers who do use air conditioning can supplement their cooling through air coolers. The cooler’s fan action can lessen the load of the air conditioner, while the added humidity can balance the drying effects of air-conditioned air. The benefit to the consumer is a lower energy bill and a stable air climate.

Available Online and in Retail Stores

Honeywell air coolers are now available for purchase in several e-commerce sites in Indonesia, such as Lazada, and Tokopedia. In the few weeks since launching, hundreds of air coolers have been sold. “We are in a discussion with several other e-commerce sites, also with a few modern channels and traditional channels. All of them will act as our retailers in Indonesia,” explained Andika.


Honeywell booth in Electronic City

On the ground, Honeywell Air coolers can be purchased in popular stores such as Electronic City, Hartono Electronic, and Hypermart, with more retail partnerships in formation.

JMatek Indonesia’s current focus is to educate consumers about the air cooler category through engaging in brand awareness campaigns on social media and by collaborating with their online and retail partners.

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