Cooling Choices: Fan, Air Cooler or Window Air Conditioner

It can feel overwhelming when the summer hits and you are faced with trying to decide which cooling method will work best for you and your family, or for your office. Although climate can help determine your best option, it is not uncommon for family members or co-workers to have different cooling needs, which may require more than one type of cooling solution.

Below is a breakdown of some of the features of cooling units to help you choose the best options to suit your needs:

Mechanism Cooling Effect Ventilation Cost Efficiency Maintenance Portability Humidity
Fan Fan blades are used to circulate air A fan cannot cool a room—it can only help to move cool air from an air-conditioned room to a non-air conditioned room. If the window is closed the air will be stale, but an open window will allow warm air into the room. Fans have low energy consumption, and are environmentally friendly. Little or no cost  is required. Fans are portable, and outdoor models are available. Fans don’t affect the moisture level of a room.
Evaporated Air Cooler Through water evaporation, incoming warm air is cooled, then released and circulated through a built-in fan. The cooling effect is moderate, but very  effective for those sitting in close proximity to the unit. Air coolers provide excellent ventilation combining the air from outside with the  cooling effect of the evaporated air cooler. Air coolers have low energy consumption and are environmentally friendly. Little or no cost  is required. Air coolers are portable, and outdoor models are available Air coolers add humidity to the room, as part of the cooling process with water evaporation.
Window Air Conditioner A compressor and refrigerant are needed for window air conditioners to run. Air conditioners provide a high-level of cooling. Windows must be closed when using window air conditioners, which results in poor air circulation. Air conditioners have high energy consumption, resulting in high electricity bills, and they have a negative impact on the environment. High maintenance cost. Window air conditioners are not portable. Air conditioners remove moisture and humidity.

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