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    Things to Consider Before Hiring a Commercial Linen Service Provider
    As an owner of a restaurant or a spa, you definitely are expected to have clean linen including napkins, table cloths, bar mops, aprons, floor mats, towels, sheets, etc. by your customers. Jim Rohn once said, “One customer well taken care of could be more valuable than $1000 worth of advertising.” So taking care of your customers by providing them clean linen can not only help you in getting their satisfactory smile when they leave but could save hundreds and thousands of dollars that you may spend on marketing campaigns to raise awareness and eventually grow your business.

    If you are an entrepreneur owning chain of businesses then you would require hiring a Commercial Linen Cleaning Service to manage Laundry services for all of your businesses efficiently. Here is a list of things that should be considered before Linen Laundry Services:

    1. Services: Before hiring any Linen Laundry Service provider, you should consider the range of services they offer like pick-up and drop facility, type of linens they launder like bar mops, aprons, table cloths, towels, etc. Along with the services you should also consider the type of businesses they offer their services to like hospitals, clinics, spas, restaurants, etc. so that you would not require to hire linen cleaning service providers for the range of businesses you might own as an entrepreneur.

    2. Overall service time: Your business needs to continue running smoothly even when you send your laundry for getting cleaned and ironed. To ensure that, you would require hiring a Laundry service provider who does not take forever to launder your laundry. So always make sure to confirm the turn-around time as per your schedule to get your laundry on time.

    3. Pricing: Well, this matters a lot when you are into business because a lot of your money already gets spent into growing and maintaining your business, so you can’t spend thousands of dollars on laundry services as well. So make sure to check the pricing structure and compare them with other service providers before hiring one.

    4. Detergents and disinfectants: When it comes to clinics and hospitals, you need to make sure that the laundry is not only washed and ironed but also sterile by using registered sanitizers. Before hiring anybody, ensure that the disinfectants used are EPA registered to prevent spreading of any infection from the dirty laundry.

    If you own a business in Miami…[Read more]

  • Trying to beat the heat here in Arkansas!

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  • Unable to add an air-conditioned to your apartment or condo? I purchased a xyz portable air conditioner to counteract this problem. Third floor walk up, evenings were unbearable!

    The portable ac needs to be placed near a window for venting, there is a hose and a screenblock that are very simple to set up. The xyz is on wheels, so you can easily move it from room to room for your comfort!

    Love love love the xyz! Clears out a heated room in a short time, while you’re changing from work and getting dinner ready you will be able to enjoy your home in relative coolness. Moved easily to the bedroom so you can be rested for the next day.

    Xyz is a little top heavy, slimness of design was the winner over completely stability, so move it slowly, not insurmountable, just a bit inconvenient. Also- do remember to empty the reservior before bed so you aren’t women by the “full” alarm at an inconvenient time.

    Xyz runs just as well as ever with virtually no maintenance and a move to a house with central ac. He doesn’t get used as often, but is still a steady little workhorse!

  • True Hepa 310 sq ft Allergen Remover Air Purifier

    We purchase 2 of these units to cover our raised rancher open floor plan house. We have 5 dogs home at any time, and sometimes as many as 8 in the house. Our dogs aren’t big shedders (Brittanys) but they do track in dirt and mud from outside, creating large amounts of dust. We just replaced carpet floors with wood, and wanted to keep dust down going forward (from us and the dogs, we also have horses, so we track in mud/dirt too)… This leads to an extraordinarily dusty house. These filters have cut our dust down by more than half, and have kept the air MUCH cleaner going forward. We typically leave one on all the time, and the other on about half the time. I frequently clean the large particle filter in the sink… and we have spare HEPA filters when they are due. We’ve owned these about 2 months now, and are extremely happy with them. They do NOT run quiet, but have 3 speeds (and off) of fan. The lowest setting is tolerable to be on and still hear the TV without having to crank up the volume. The fan controls are “soft touch” and the dogs have figured out how to change the speeds themselves (and it scares them every time they do).

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  • The outdoor air conditioner I currently use is the Luma Comfort EC1105 Portable Evaporative Cooler. It I don’t like that it is pretty loud. I want to be able to have conversations on my patio and when it it running, it is hard to do. Also, it is not really portable as stated in the description when I bought it. I do love that it cools about 250 sq. ft. I also love that it has such a nice sleek design. It looks great on my back patio, and looks great in the house! They could improve on it be actually making it portable, and making the unit run quieter.

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  • I bought an XYZ heater to use in the winter for our basement bedrooms. It is a large heater and does a great job warming up large spaces. There are temperature controls so you can adjust it to the perfect temperature for your comfort level. It is quiet and easy to sleep with it turning on and off to keep that temperature setting. It is on wheels , so there are no issues moving it to new locations and placing just where it is needed. The size of it means it will never tip over, but I do have one area I would like to see improved. Because of the size it is easy to think someone could sit on it, but the top isn’t made for sitting. So my niece, even though we told her not to put objects on it or to sit on it, sat on it anyway and she cracked the top. It is still usable, so the design is durable, but I would recommend placing a sticker on the top warning people not to sit on it or place objects on it, also listing a weight limit. Overall this is a great heater and I have been using it for years, highly recommending it to anyone.


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  • Used a mist / fan on the back patio , but it just made you wet.

  • We have central air but have an attic room that gets really humid. I got a Haier stand up air condition that pulls the humidity out of the air. It works great but the pull where the water comes out of is so low to the ground that it’s hard to find something for the water to drip into. I wish it just went out of the window because if the air conditioner gets full of water it just turns off so you have to keep an eye on it.

  • This summer has been quite a hot one here in Michigan. We had 90+ degree temps in mid May, and continue to have them in June. Being that Michigan is notorious for quick temperature changes, it puts a bit of extra pressure on all kind of cooling units. My two level colonial has central air, but the upper level is known for being warm at night time as heat rises. This makes it hard when we are trying to go to sleep for the night. There is one window in the upstairs hallway that leads to all 3 bedrooms, but it slides right to left instead of up and down. My husband and I have tried to figure out a way to use our Diplomat 5,000 BTU window unit air conditioner from Danby in that window to help ease the burden on our central air unit, but with the window that opens horizontally instead of vertically, there is no real way to do this safely. The air conditioner worked great when our central air unit went out a few years ago, but we used it downstairs in the living room because the window opens vertically down there. I wish window units came with a kit to work with horizontal windows as well. To resolve this constant issue, we installed Suncourt Equalizer Eq2 Heating and Air conditioning register boosters on all 4 registers upstairs and use ceiling fans to try to push/pull the air into the rooms for better air flow. This works relatively well, and has managed to allow us to run the air at a lower temp and still cool the upstairs efficiently.

  • My husband has to have it COLD when he sleeps, so we use a portable fan in our room at night. The fan is a Vornado 683 3-Speed Standing Pedestal Air Circulator and it can blow COLD! I freeze at night! LOL

    Not just for cooling, this whole room air circulator can be used year round. Powerful, it propels a maximum 389 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air up to 75 feet away. With multidirectional airflow, multiple fan speeds, and adjustable base height, users can customize it to fit their specific needs. It works great in smaller spaces like bedrooms, dens, and home offices.

    Features an easy-to-assemble, tool-free base that is designed for quick setup, takedown and storage and can be adjusted 32” – 38” in height. Vornado offers a money back guarantee on their products.

    The one thing I would change is how loud it is. On a high setting I can hear it, but I drift off to sleep and it does not wake me up, so that’s the plus side of that.

    Modern Day Gramma

  • I own a portable air conditioner. I don’t use it anymore because it constantly stays on . I don’t like that and my electric bill was so high. I need one that doesn’t stay on all the time.

  • I own a 400-sq ft 115-Volt Portable Air Conditioner from Hisense. This air conditioner works perfectly well in the garage! We practice karate in the garage so it really helps cool the room when it’s over 100 degrees outside. Putting it together is very easy and you do not need to cut a hole on the wall because it comes with a kit where you can attach it to the window. I like that you can visibly see the set temperature on the front of the unit but the only drawback for us is that the cord is too short! You cannot use an extension either. But other than that, it’s very well made and it serves its purpose. I highly recommend it.

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